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Part No.: 5883CL-861-000004 (Similiar to Part # 5883-CL)
Conductors: 22 AWG (7x30) Tinned Copper
No. of Conductors: 7 Conductors
Insulation: .010" PVC Insulation
Code: Black, Red, White, Green, Orange, Blue and Brown
Shielding: 100% Polyester / Aluminum Foil plus 70% TC Braid
Jacket: .045" Orange PVC (Indoor Use)
Nom. O.D. .280"
Voltage and Temperature: 300 Volts and 80°C
Ratings: CMR, UL 2464 and VW-1, CSA I/II A/B FT4
Put Ups: 500 foot or 1000 Foot spools
Minimum: 2x500' or 1x1000'
Pricing:2x500' or 1000' @ $200.00/ 1000', 5000' @ $180.00/ 1000', 10,000' Call Consolidated
Terms & Conditions:
(1) Minimum Order $250.00 USD.
(2) FOB Destination Shipments of $2500.00 or more Continental USA.
(3) Cash Terms - 1% 10 DaysNet 30 Days.
(4) Prices are based on current inventory for this Promotional Cable.
Unit of Measure