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Product Construction

  • 20 AWG annealed stranded tinned copper wire per ASTM B-33
  • Color coded polyethylene (PE) insulation
  • Color Code: Black, White and Red
  • Clear wrap
  • Braid tinned copper shield 85% coverage
  • PVC Gray jacket
  • Temperature:  80°C
  • Voltage: 300 volts
  • Consolidated Braid Shielded PVC Cable
  • Broadcast
  • Audio
  • Sound
Special Features:
  • Low capacitance
  • Lightweight
  • Excellent flexibility
Industry Approvals:
  • UL 2629 80°C 300 Volt
  • RoHS Compliant
  • 1000 ft. spools
  • 500 ft. spools
  • Also available on bulk reels
Unit of Measure


Conductor Size

N/A 20 AWG


N/A 26 x 34 Tin Copper Wire

No. of Conductors

N/A 3

Insulation Type

N/A 0.016" PE

Jacket Thickness

N/A 0.025 in.

Nominal Diameter

N/A 0.240 in.


N/A 300 V

Nominal Capacitance Between Conductors

N/A 25 pF/ft

UL Listing

N/A 2629


N/A Gray Jacket

Color Code Chart

N/A Chart-1

Other Information


N/A RoHS Compliant
UL 2629


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